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My name is Alan Rorrison. I am a professional magician from Scotland who specialises in close up and sleight of hand magic. I am also one of the world’s leading consultants in magic for T.V. and stage productions. If you would like to see more of what I do you can press the “Media” link below. If you would like to contact me about performing at your event you can email me via the contacts form above. Feel free to have a look around my site and please keep in mind I am only an email away if you have any questions. Thank you. - Alan Rorrison

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Finding the right kind of entertainment for your wedding which is in harmony with both what you want and what your guests expect can often be so stressful that you end up worrying about the plan going ahead before it even begins.

So, how do you make your dream wedding come true? You needn't look any further, because a particular type of entertainment that caters for everyone's needs is right here. Wedding magic is a dynamic form of entertainment that can add a unique element to your special day.

Alan is booked all over the world to help create the wedding that you have always dreamed of. His magic is crafted and perfected to captivate an audience of all ages, specialising in highly close-up visual performances and table top magic that gives your guests a novel, memorable experience. That's real magic. The joy of having your guests entertained by a professional wedding magician gives you the luxury of sitting back and allowing you to take in every precious moment, to capture something with the one you love that no other type of wedding day can offer.

To look at the smiles and astonishment and to hear the laughter and applause at your wedding are the most cherished feelings you can have on that special day, and Alan can make that happen. Imagine your wedding reception light up with conversations and vibing amongst guests that have only just met. Alan brings people together, since his unique style of magic swiftly and elegantly breaks the ice, allowing you to give your guests the type of memories that they'll cherish for years to come. Alan is booked time and time again to perform at weddings. If you want him to be a part of your day before he's reserved, head over to the contact page


You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Alan knows this. He knows that you want to deliver corporate entertainment that reflects your values and profession.

He is guaranteed to impress and astound your staff, guests and clients in a professional style with full impact. The events organisers at AMAZON,TSB,ITV,CELTIC FC,DRAMBUIE and MTV to name but a few all know this, which is why the book Alan time and time again.

Alan is one of the only entertainers in the world to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't enjoy his magic, you don't pay a penny. He has performed an exciting brand of close up magic, working at conferences, trade shows, VIP clubs, product launches, backstage at arenas, award ceremonies and many other occasions where entertainment matters most.

Event management companies have particularly hooked onto Alan, because the reactions he invokes have raised the roof time and time again. A visual and emotional message leaves your clients impressed and entertained all in one. It means something to them - something personal, something wonderful.

Alan's corporate entertainment is something they'll talk about with their friends and colleagues for years to come. Close-up magic provides that edge, and with Alan it's shown in a way that's both alternative and contemporary, a winning combination for any corporate event.


Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could increase your sales without paying out £1,000s on advertising? Would it help if you could minimise the long waits on weekends, and boost sales on weekdays? Do you want to be able to easily draw in new customers, as well as increase the number of regular customers? If yes, then it's time to bring Alan and his magic into your establishment.

Magic between the starter and main course not only offers suitable and fitting entertainment for your patrons, but it can also help to iron out any unfortunate problems encountered in the kitchen. If you've ever had customers leave because of a long wait, then it's time for action. Alan finishes their meal with a unique dessert that can't be found on any other menu: close-up magic is used as a subtle way to turn over tables in the most professional way for your establishment.

Offering something a little extra is the key difference between you and your competitors. Why not have a weekday magic evening? You'll be delighted to know that an evening's entertainment could be the price of just four people dining at your restaurant.


When you want to make a day to remember at your next event, Alan is here to make it happen. It could be a birthday, a wedding, or simply something to impress your friends.

Watch Alan create an atmosphere of awe and delight as he passes from group to group, leaving your guests surprised, speechless... and maybe even leaving them with a souvenir to remember the day! Astonishing close-up magic, table-top magic and sleights are displayed by Alan with a combination of elegance and mystery, providing a beautiful alternative to the norm that is guaranteed to charm your guests.

We all want to set the right mood for our guests at a party. A typical atmosphere comprises the usual music, candles and a friendly relaxed environment to set the mood for your guests. But why not add something a little extra special to your party's agenda? There's no better way to delight your guests than to offer Alan's magic entertainment to them. Imagine the reactions as cards travel from one corner of the room to the other, as coins vanish into and appear from thin air, as objects float right in front of their very eyes. An intimate performance that leaves your guests thrilled, as well as allowing them to engage and interact is definitely something special, and Alan is highly specialised in delivering such performances.


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog/Vlog section of my site. I will post random things that im working on or fun magic stuff in here. It could be a random prediction that I am playing with or just a fun video of a magic performance. Keep popping back in as there will be fun things uploaded weekly. Enjoy

My Rubiks prediction

I think it has to be one of those odd skills that all magicians would love to be able to do. Infact the ability to control someones mind or thought process is something that just about everyone on the planet would love to do.

Well I have been playing with a small idea. It is very simple. I want to be able to walk up to any person and ask them mix a Rubiks Cube. They can mix this any way they like and to them it will feel like it was a free choice. However If I have done my job right, every single twist and turn they have done to the Rubiks cube will be influenced by me. Even though it felt random to them, I have controled every single thing they have done with that cube.

How close did I get?


Hello and welcome to the Store section of my site. The actual Store is its own little website at WWW.RORRISON.CO.UK but a few of you wanted a link to it from here. So here it is, You can click on any of the item images bellow and it will take you directly to the store page. This will open up in a handy new window so you do not get lost. Enjoy

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